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Walnut Team

Dave Wingert

Account Executive & Boomer Radio Morning Show Host

Chuck Yates

Boomer Radio Midday Show Host

Jack Swanda

Boomer Radio Afternoon Host

Neil Nelkin

Boomer Radio Night Show Host

Wes Singley

Operations Manager & Productions Director

Tom Seline

Sports Director

Julie Fox

Executive Assistant

Tina Karns

Office Manager/ Assistant Traffic Director

Karla James

Fremont Morning Show Co-Host

Brent Wasenius

KFMT News Director

Bob Flittie

Big Dog News Director

Tammy Hogg

Traffic Director

Peggie Sweet

Bluffs Country Morning Show Co-Host

Kevin White

Sports Director/Account Executive

Susan Kemmish

Account Executive

Sue Seline

Account Executive

Lee Legenhausen

Account Executive

Andrew Botwinik

Senior Account Executive

Barry Reker

Senior Account Executive

Jackie Mahr

Senior Account Executive

Denise Isenberger

Account Executive

Curt Hrabik

Account Executive

Kris Davis

Multi Media Sales Support Coordinator

Paulo Maggiulli

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Sydney Burright

Digital Content and Promotions Coordinator

Regan Thomas

Multimedia Sales Support Coordinator

Abran Bahn



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(402) 422-1600

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